Created with Passion in Portland, Oregon

Inspired by her garden full of native and edible plants, the enormity of outer space, and the beauty of every tiny detail, Amy Daileda designs and creates her vibrant artisan line of skirts, tops and dresses in the Alberta Arts district of Portland, Oregon.  Pieces feature rich hand dyed color, zero waste designs, detailed stitching, and eco-friendly fabrics.

Amy has been passionate about making things for as long as she can remember.  She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a degree in painting, and has been creating eco-fashion in Portland since 1997!  She was a member of the Portland Saturday Market for nine years with her former hat line, Daisy Rock.  After much creative soul searching she rebranded her business to Vivid Element in 2015, to better represent the vibrant women’s wear line that it has become.  She sells her work at art fairs, boutiques in the Pacific northwest, by appointment, and online.  Her garden is Backyard Habitat Certified and was in Portland’s Naturescaping Yard Tour.  Amy also won 1st place in the Professional category at Modified Style’s 2017 fundraiser fashion show!

Amy’s ultimate goal is to express her love of the universe’s tiny details in brighter and bolder ways while offering eco + ethically made slow fashion made with love.  She strives to create vibrant, comfortable, sustainable fashion that will allow her clients to express their own vibrant natures while delighting in locally made, eco-friendly, easy to wear, high quality clothing.

Enjoy the details!

Artist Amy Daileda in her Portland studio.

Artist Amy Daileda in her Portland studio.

As Earth friendly as Possible... a Core Principle

Vivid Element aims to be as earth friendly as possible, using only eco-friendly fabrics, including such natural fibers as hemp, organic cotton, and soy with occasional upcycled pieces.  Every Vivid Element piece is created in Portland, Oregon and is a well constructed, high quality garment that will last for many years.  Many of Vivid Element's designs incorporate small pieces into collage work and trim to avoid waste and to appreciate every tiny piece!  Scraps that aren't used are donated as well as empty thread spools and needle cases.  Amy often bikes errands, shops locally when possible, ships in reused boxes or biodegradable packaging, uses recycled paper and recycles as much as possible.  We are always striving to reduce our ecological footprint and to create items in harmony with nature that our customers can feel good about owning.

Eco Fabric Information

Hemp is extremely fast growing, naturally needs no pesticides or herbicides, and its deep root system protects the soil it's grown in from erosion while leaving it in excellent condition for future crops.  Hemp is the strongest natural fiber, and it is breathable, softens with use, naturally anti-microbial and quick to dry.  It makes beautiful, comfortable garments that can be washed repeatedly and still look great, lasting for many years.  Hemp was first cultivated by humans more than 12,000 years ago!

Organic Cotton is grown without the use of pesticides or insecticides. Conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other single crop, accounting for more than 10% of total pesticide use and nearly 25% of insecticides use worldwide.  Organic cotton is soft and beautiful, and much better for our planet!